EGE Secures "Best Device Distributor" Accolade at Mobile News Awards 16/03/2023

EGE Secures "Best Device Distributor" Accolade at Mobile News Awards

In a significant triumph, EGE has been honoured with the coveted "Best Device Distributor" accolade at the recent Mobile News Awards. This recognition highlights EGE's commitment to excellence in mobile technology distribution and its steadfast dedication to customer service.

The award ceremony, a focal point in the mobile industry's calendar, witnessed EGE eclipsing its competitors with its innovative approach and exceptional service standards. EGE's MD, Peter Carnall, expressed immense pride in the team's hard work and dedication, remarking, "This award is a testament to our team's passion and relentless effort in providing top-notch service and cutting-edge products to our clients."

EGE's ascent to the forefront has been characterised by strategic partnerships, an astute understanding of market dynamics, and a customer-focused approach. This award not only celebrates our current success but also establishes a new benchmark for excellence in the distribution sector.

As EGE continues to grow and broaden its horizons, this accolade stands as a beacon of EGE's industry-leading position and a promise of ongoing innovation and exemplary service in the realm of mobile technology.

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