Announcing the death of founding partner and Logistics Director – Dave Roberts 25/02/2021

Announcing the death of founding partner and Logistics Director – Dave Roberts

It is with a heavy heart that the Eurostar Global business must inform friends, colleagues, partners and our community of contacts of the sudden loss of our Logistics Director - Dave Roberts.

Dave passed away unexpectedly but peacefully in his sleep in the early hours of Thursday 18th February.

Taken far too young, Dave was just approaching his 48th birthday. We now offer our love and support to everyone who knew Dave and most of all to his loving partner and son whom he was devoted to. Dave’s legacy will live on within the Eurostar business and we will honour his memory by continuing to do everything we do, the same way he would do it.

We all know that no business just happens to be great - it’s the people in it who make it great.
Dave was a founding partner and operational manager of the company from its inception and has worked alongside the growing Eurostar team for all 14 years of our existence.

Silently, unassumingly and with complete sincerity, Dave was a cornerstone of the Eurostar business. Held in high regard by all those that met him, he nurtured the operational and functional supply chain relationships.

Leading by example, Dave’s commitment to the company, his colleagues and our partners, shaped the operations workforce ethos and built the solid reputation of service delivery that we continue to provide today.

Dave won the hearts and minds of his colleagues, of every ancillary provider, every delivery driver, courier, floor worker or supply chain partner. Dave had time for everyone and even when he didn’t have time, he made time.

Dave didn’t just build and manage a team - he had the respect, devotion, friendship and trust of all of them. The team didn’t work for Dave, he worked alongside them and more than anyone, he rolled his sleeves up through choice on his last day the same as he did on his first and grafted until everything that needed to be done, was done.

“Thank you” will never be enough.

For any that would like to, Dave would wish for donations in his memory to go to our supported charity and local hospice – the Douglas Macmillan Hospice. Please contact our charity team, for details on how to make a donation [email protected]