Eurostar Global announce new range of TCL products. 28/02/2022

Eurostar Global announce new range of TCL products.

As MWC returns to Barcelona after a 2-year hiatus, Managing Director Peter Carnall and Sales and Purchasing Director, Brett Watmough are attending this year's event, as EGE looks to build in its continuing growth and expansion. EGE has an experienced team from Sales, Purchasing and Marketing at this year’s event, further looking to broaden its range of products.

As part of this journey to develop and expand its product offering, EGE is taking on TCL's newly launched range of handsets, just as MWC opens its doors.

Excited by the new range on offer, EGE sees this as a significant step forward and has taken on three new TCL products, including the new TCL306, TCL30SE, and TCL30 handsets. EGE will also continue to offer the TCL20R5G from the previous range.

Commenting on the launch of the new range and the products being introduced to the EGE portfolio, Peter Carnall said “We're really pleased to be able to build on our relationship with TCL and sell this new range of mobiles. The handset designs show how TCL continues to build a range that is high-quality, durable, and very well priced. We’re pleased to be able to include these into our portfolio and have no doubt they will be a success with our B2B partners.”

The new TCL product range will be available for shipping from EGE on the 1st April 2022.

Eurostar Global Electronics Business Sales team can be contacted on 01782 565555, or business customers can request access to the sales trade portal via